Flexible recruitment support services

Whether you require support with specific recruitment tasks or a turn key solution to meet changing business needs, we’ve established ourselves as your go-to partner for creating customisable recruitment support solutions to address the variety of challenges that organisations face when managing a workforce.

We understand that there are parts of the recruitment process that you may do in house, and others that you need to outsource from time to time. We offer support services, which can be tailored to support your organisations needs, as they change over time.

We aim to compliment your current recruitment capability with experienced recruiters working at your site or remotely. Our team have access to latest technology and talent sourcing tools or we can utilise your technology, you choose.

We can assist you with the following recruitment support services:

  • Job ad writing and posting
  • Sourcing and Prescreening
  • Phone Interviews
  • Verification of qualifications and visa requirements
  • Long / Short-listing (candidate ranking against selection criteria)
  • Booking and administration of skill testing and job specific assessments
  • Interviews – full end to end with support and / or report
  • Formatting resumes to meet in-house / prescribed format
  • Reference checking
  • Pre-employment checks and offer management
  • Customised recruitment support services for your organization

Assessment Centres & Volume Projects

Assessment Centres have gained wide recognition as one of the most rigorous and predictive processes for staff selection, promotion and development.

Our team are leaders in the design and delivery of best practice assessment centre’s and volume solutions, designed to align with your critical success factors and determine a candidates job suitability.  We customise role-plays, in-tray exercises, team exercises and presentations to reflect the demands of the job role and to provide you with the most accurate profile of each candidate assessed.

Assessment centres are ideal for volume recruitment, graduate & student recruitment and internal recruitment as they are objective, fair, consistent and legally defensible.

Our best practice approach considers assessors, participants, assessment techniques, competency frameworks, scoring mechanisms, technology and integration standards. We adapt our solutions to work with large transformational projects and provide onsite support during the delivery of our consulting services.

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