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Love at First Sight… The Hiring Heartbreak

Hunting for ‘The One’ after months of rejection and endless disappointment, has finally led to hope…  in front of you is someone looking impeccable, sounding charming, articulate, wise, funny; the connection is real and natural.  Leaping silently in the air, fists flying with elation, internal cheers of happiness, you confidently stride… You’ve done it… you’ve finally done it… you’ve found…. ‘THE ONE’. … 3 months pass… tense, disappointed, deflated… the words muttered, “It’s not you, it’s me…, this just isn’t for me anymore…”.

Losing top talent is heartbreaking.  The time, money and energy invested in hiring, training and integrating rare talent into a team, only to lose them months later can be a financial and emotional setback, a wasted opportunity… but why?

As Leaders, our responsibility to bring out the greatness in our people, to endure the challenges, give hope and possibility through the hardship, and show an authentic interest in an individual’s development and success, can be conflicted with the growing demand of today’s business needs and consumer expectations.  In other words, we’re running too fast to be truly present and notice the impact this added pressure is having on our biggest asset; our people.

Research suggests, connecting one’s purpose to an organisation’s Vision (Purpose) and Values can be the catalyst in building engagement and intrinsic motivation. Research suggests this alignment of purpose creates meaning and allows people to work FOR something they believe in, something they can truly see and feel.  The power of this alignment is that it builds a culture of trust, and when your people trust you, they in turn give you their heart.

So, how can we align one’s purpose and get that right ‘fit’ from the very beginning?

It can start with those three simple words…. “What’s your passion?”

Have you ever noticed when you speak to someone’s passion, their energy changes… there’s excitement, contentment, a jubilant spark; it’s extremely contagious and inspiring to witness.

Anchoring this throughout the hiring process can be the key to connecting a person’s passion to the organisation’s Purpose.  As an example, if you’re hiring someone into the customer service division and their passion is to help people, then you may have someone who genuinely loves coming to work to do exactly that. It’s no longer a job for them; it’s a part of who they are and what they stand for.
For us to succeed in this, we need to have an understanding of a person’s true purpose during the hiring process. Consider the following 3 steps:

Ask questions that will identify and ignite the applicant’s passion during the interview. You will know if they are truly speaking to their passion by the way their energy lifts and their body language transforms.

Use EQ and behavioural assessments to scientifically measure a person’s understanding of their purpose and to identify what they need to achieve full job satisfaction.  Once hired, these tools inform their ongoing development and daily coaching to help maximise their full potential and lift engagement.

Speak with the referees about the times the individual performed at their best for the company, and when they were at their most engaged. Someone can have a natural talent in something, but their passion may be aligned to something else.  Distinguishing between someone’s talent and passion can help you connect their purpose to the role, a bulletproof formula to performance success.

In summary, like falling in and out of love, finding top talent and then retaining it can be a huge emotional and financial investment, as well as a rollercoaster of highs and lows.  As Leaders, if we don’t play our cards right and engage the right people into our workforce, we can run the risk of them becoming disengaged and as a result… our talent may leave.  Qualifying ‘the one’ from the very beginning through the heart of their purpose and aligning this to the work they do could be the path to a long and fruitful relationship that’s built on trust; the foundation of engagement, intrinsic motivation and performance.  In turn, performance will accelerate, business will thrive, and you won’t have to endure the heartbreak of losing ‘the one’ again.

Hannah Coombes is an expert in the hiring and retention of people and works with organisations to support their hiring needs and to find top talent. Hannah is accredited in Emotional Intelligence and passionate about unlocking the greatness in people through identifying and then developing the understanding of their purpose and values.